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FlyTime Facebook App

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This application was awarded “Best End of Year Project” at the end of year awards ceremony.

This project was carried out at the end of my first year of University.

Students were given the choice of several end of year projects to choose from and I chose the Facebook App option to gain some experience developing for the exciting Facebook platform and to learn something new along the way.

The aim of the game is to dodge the oncoming enemy aircraft which gradually speed up as time passes. The longer the user stays alive the more points there is to be gained!

The user has several aids to help maximise their score such as bonus rounds, a power-up to shrink their avatar, guns and bombs to wipe out all enemy aircraft on the screen at that particular moment. There is however some bogie power-ups such as one to double the avatar size, making it more difficult to avoid enemies.

I developed this app using Flash, ActionScript 3 and PHP whilst using Photoshop and Illustrator for the design.

Once the user has finished, they are given the choice to post their score to their wall and to add the score to a score board, which displays the top 10 scores using SQL queries to pull the scores from a database.

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