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In this University project we we’re asked to tender for the development of a new mobile friendly website for a fictional company named BeActive North East, an outdoor clothing and equipment supplier based in Sunderland.

Part of the proposal was to rebrand BeActive North East to make the company more appealing and to develop a mock up of their homepage.

I took the opportunity to create an exciting, vibrant brand to catch the eye of users and potential customers in order to get a head start on other similar companies in the area who lack good branding.

When developing the website I decided to make use of a subtle parallax effect and used it effectively to simulate clouds in a mountain scene passing over the new logo.

Part of the brief was to develop a mobile friendly website and so the website is responsive, adapting to different screen sized using CSS media queries. To ensure the site remained usable on smaller devices, certain buttons were made larger so tap areas did not frustrate the user.

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