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Finalising Def Brief & getting stuck with Lit review

A tough week with little work completed throughout the week due to work.

Todays been the first propper day I’ve managed to work and I’ve done the following:

  • Read through what I did on Definitive Brief last week, amended bits, added bits and tidied it up a little.
  • Refined schedule a little from supervisor meeting on Wednesday.
  • Created Screen Flow Diagrams
  • Created Wireframes for the application
  • Did a little research into effective design techniques for children.
  • Amended Gantt chart to make use of techniques learned in Project Management yesterday

Feeling a little stuck with my literature review as I can’t find enough material to write critically and have a for and against argument so starting to doubt any of my topics.

Had my 2nd supervisor meeting on Wednesday where we decided focussing on iPads for my literature review was too focussed so opening it up to tablets in general.

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