Born and raised in Sunderland, UK – I work as a cinema supervisor, web developer and I’m currently studying my final year of BSc Computing at Sunderland University.

I began my venture onto the web way back in 1999 at the age of 11 when my Dad bought me a web design book.

My first web design book

My first web design book

The book named “Create Your First Web Page In a Weekend” (it did not take a weekend!) helped me get my first experiences of web design, creating all sorts of designs with tables and flashy animated gifs, I cringe at the thought of these designs now! Nevertheless this led to my first paid job when I created a website for my Dads business at the age of 12.

In 2009 I started taking a strong interest in modern graphic and web design, visiting various blogs and reading magazines to fill my interest and help me experiment and learn.

In the summer of 2010 I stumbled upon the marketplace ThemeForest which was ideal to help me push my skills on a professional level. 1 year and over 1500 sales and I’ve never looked back, adding 10 themes to my portfolio and learning a lot about design and coding in the process!

Entering the world of theme development has been key in helping me push my skills, as every theme created is reviewed and approved or rejected based on factors such as design, coding, uniqueness and documentation.

Finding ThemeForest was perfect timing as I was about to begin a BSc Computing course at Sunderland University.